Macey Getting Messy!

It's a pleasure babysitting three kids, watching them grow and sharing moments with them, while also practicing being a housewife/mom and teaching them good things when I can. But let's face it..sometimes they just act nuts and it seems impossible to stop them. So when they got a teeny bit out of control on this particular day, I just pulled out my camera when the scolding wasn't working. 

Riley, Dean Alan and Macey are the babies of Dean & Cabrina. Dean has been my older brother-figure for as long as I can remember, (since I'm an only child)... and Cabrina is an angel, a great friend and great "older sister in law". Riley whipped up some green water with sugar for her siblings to drink and made a huge mess of the kitchen. Dean Alan was fixated on his Ninja Turtle Toys and show, demanding snacks and climbing all over furniture with Riley. And Macey was just watching her older siblings, and trying to do exactly as they did. She was COVERED in noodles during her lunch time! 

Here are some shots.