Rocco & Raymond with their Grandparents

This is my second time shooting with these two boys. Well third, if you count when they were guests at a birthday party I was photographing..and they were in the cutest overalls..but anyway..

We had a mini session with their grandparents in a park last week, and they were able to run around and act as boys do..beating up trees, running from eachother, picking flowers, getting lifted up to reach branches..I'd say they had a blast in our short 30 minute session. The little guy, Rocco, was a ham. He didn't seem to mind being the center of my camera's attention. The older one was having a hard time with being in the spotlight! We even saw some tears.     ...Hey, it wouldn't be called lifestyle photography if it wasn't true to real moments or real emotions!

Some gentle coercing, a ton of running in circles, and a few handfuls of swedish fish later, and we are left with these beautiful lifestyle photos of a memory they will have with their grandparents.

Did I mention this session was a Christmas present gift certificate?! What a great idea!

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