Meeting the Egyptian Sphinxes, Ron & Jeremy..

A friend had recently asked me if she could advertise me as a Pet Photographer through her new dog walking business, Four Paws. Since I usually never say no to opportunity and have had a dear love for animals since I was in my crib, I accepted and quickly gathered pet photographs I have taken in recent days. 

I quickly realized I would have to shoot more! Of course this creates experience and allows for more variety so I asked around to a few friends to allow me to photograph their pets pro-bono. I am so glad I thought of an old friend Tara, who has two Egyptian Sphinx felines! Her generosity for allowing me in her home will not be forgotten. 

This was my first time seeing "naked"  cats in person. 

So yes, I offer Pet Photography Services! You may view some work on my site under the "Pets" tab or on under "Pet Photography." If you need pricing or have questions, please email me at 

The first two photos below are shots of when I was introduced to animals as a baby.  

... And the rest are of the time I spent with Ron & Jeremy.