Dorothy wants to go home...

I usually drive by so many magnificent moments, only to regret not stopping at every one. (I'm in the car traveling a lot!!) As a photographer, someone who desires to freeze all the beautiful moments witnessed, you come to realize that you can not get it all. You have to be choosy, but follow your gut....some moments are meant to be lived, some are meant to be captured.

On an ordinary Saturday driving in the farmlands of South Jersey, I saw a moment that intrigued me. More specifically a woman. She sat on her rustic porch in her blue dress and gazed into the sky, the wind in her hair. I wondered who she was, what her story was and what she was thinking. I went with my gut and did a quick but safe u-turn into her driveway. I asked her if I could photograph her and visit with her for a few moments.

Dorothy explained to me that she is 94, turning 95 this month (June), and that she is waiting to go home, waiting to die. She's alone in her heart. I could feel her pain and sorrow, as I observed her eyes fill with tears. She said she's taking her house with her, even if she has to burn it down. Her cat Lucy is her only companion. My heart bleeds for Dorothy. I told her she looks like an angel already, and someday I hope to meet her again.

Take chances in life!! When I do things that feel scary I am almost always blown away by what results of it.