Glamour & Graffiti

Cleaning thee ol' desktop and hard drives, or at least starting to.. and reminded that much of my work has gone unseen. Cheers to the digital hoarding of photographers, and to the hopes that I will find the time in my lifetime to continue weeding through to find the gems. 

This was a shoot I assisted under Robert Szatmari (a previous professor of mine/very talented photographer). Being the doll that he is he always offers me time for myself to shoot. This was our second or maybe third time working with Meng (the perfect teacup model & sweetest girl) together. Her portfolio is mind-blowingly good so it was such a pleasure.

The venue was Tattooed Moms in our nearby city of brotherly love. The great staff there allowed us to be in their space outside of normal business hours.

I love collaborating with talented professionals! A model at a bar is somewhat out of the realm of what I specialize in on a daily basis, but just some insight... I LOVE trying new things and expanding the horizons of my work! Always feel free to contact me if you have ideas and believe I could help you execute them;)

Heather, AJ & their babies

I got lucky this day and booked a double (they were friends) on the beach. Both families brought such unique charm to the session. This happy, curious and wildly adventurous sibling pair were so fun to meet and hang with. Within minutes of meeting the youngest, she was laying on my feet drinking her packaged fruit snack. I adore how honest and open they were. And the parents were great too!

BOTH sessions were GREAT. I will be posting the other as soon as I free up more alone as a juggling mama.

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Welcoming Fall & New Life

A recent session at Jennings Tree Farm in Shamong, NJ with this adorable growing family of four. It is always an extreme pleasure to photograph this family, as I went to high school with the husband and wife, who were high school sweethearts. They just brought their new baby boy into the world and couldn't be happier. He will have the best big brother to look up to.

If you would like a fall session please email as the coming weeks are booking up fast.

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Diamond & John

Sneak Peek from Friday's #Bynumforever wedding.

Such a cute story, they dated in 4th grade and it didnt work out. And then here they are decades later, with so much love. Hands down, the most energy filled wedding I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.

Venue: Brigalia's

DJ: GP Entertainment

Photographer: Jennifer Helene Photography (myself)

Videographer: Greg (Didn't get his last name or business name!)

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Brianna at the Beach

When you are going through your hard drives, and come across small folders of moments where you took some shots in your free time and now exists these gems of photos.

This was a beach trip in May of 2016, with my best friend and her second born, Brianna. Brianna and I wore matching leopard bathing suits coincidentally. I was two months pregnant. We sat under the pier for the perfect shade. Anyway, here are some portraits of one of the cutest little gals I know.

Kaitlin & Ryan

Kaitlin & Ryan married in St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church in historical Princeton, NJ on March 11th. After mass, we walked the cobblestone checking out some of their old stomping grounds such as the bar they met at, the local grounds of Princeton University and another bar Kaitlin worked at and Ryan commonly visited. The whole day was very well put together, visually beautiful and warm with love, even though it happened to fall on the 20 degree day we had this March!

Both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids were a perfect combination of silly and sophisticated just as Ryan and Kaitlin are!

The reception was held at the cozy Nassau Inn where drinks, dinner and dancing flooded the evening!

Cheers to Ryan & Kaitlin!!! A match made in heaven.

Thank you Susan Hennessey for second shooting with me on this special day!

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Fisher Wedding

Stephanie & JaJa eloped and when planning the later reception asked me to photograph it. Stephanie and I went to high school together; I was thrilled to be a part of their celebration.

Pink lighting, beautiful flowers and fancy jewels covered the ballroom at the Washington where they danced the night away with their family and friends.

The family of four is perfectly paired; Stephanie and Ja's chemistry is hard to deny.

Here is a sneak peak of the day.


Dorothy wants to go home...

I usually drive by so many magnificent moments, only to regret not stopping at every one. (I'm in the car traveling a lot!!) As a photographer, someone who desires to freeze all the beautiful moments witnessed, you come to realize that you can not get it all. You have to be choosy, but follow your gut....some moments are meant to be lived, some are meant to be captured.

On an ordinary Saturday driving in the farmlands of South Jersey, I saw a moment that intrigued me. More specifically a woman. She sat on her rustic porch in her blue dress and gazed into the sky, the wind in her hair. I wondered who she was, what her story was and what she was thinking. I went with my gut and did a quick but safe u-turn into her driveway. I asked her if I could photograph her and visit with her for a few moments.

Dorothy explained to me that she is 94, turning 95 this month (June), and that she is waiting to go home, waiting to die. She's alone in her heart. I could feel her pain and sorrow, as I observed her eyes fill with tears. She said she's taking her house with her, even if she has to burn it down. Her cat Lucy is her only companion. My heart bleeds for Dorothy. I told her she looks like an angel already, and someday I hope to meet her again.

Take chances in life!! When I do things that feel scary I am almost always blown away by what results of it.



I grew up with Esther's mom..well sort of. She was the daughter of my mom's best friend. And therefore we saw each other when our moms did; but she was older than me. Fast forward 18-20 years..and she has her own daughter now. Her name is Esther and they live in California, with Esther's dad also. 

I asked to hang out and photograph Esther..and she stole my heart. Her eyes had stars in them when she saw the camera, and she must have said "Cheese" four hundred times even when I was across the room. 

What a darling. 

Lifestyle Photography by Jennifer Helene

South Jersey

Macey Getting Messy!

It's a pleasure babysitting three kids, watching them grow and sharing moments with them, while also practicing being a housewife/mom and teaching them good things when I can. But let's face it..sometimes they just act nuts and it seems impossible to stop them. So when they got a teeny bit out of control on this particular day, I just pulled out my camera when the scolding wasn't working. 

Riley, Dean Alan and Macey are the babies of Dean & Cabrina. Dean has been my older brother-figure for as long as I can remember, (since I'm an only child)... and Cabrina is an angel, a great friend and great "older sister in law". Riley whipped up some green water with sugar for her siblings to drink and made a huge mess of the kitchen. Dean Alan was fixated on his Ninja Turtle Toys and show, demanding snacks and climbing all over furniture with Riley. And Macey was just watching her older siblings, and trying to do exactly as they did. She was COVERED in noodles during her lunch time! 

Here are some shots.


Simply Beautiful Jodi

Celebrating beauty through photographs....

Jodi married my second cousin and is now a "Potts." She is a true beauty and has a kind heart. I am deeply appreciative that she allowed me to photograph her by the lake on their property. 

Below are black and whites from our session.

If you would like a session of yourself, please email me at and we can begin talking.

Wedding of Natalie & Ryan October 5, 2013

On October 5, 2013 I was hired as a videographer for the marriage of Natalie & Ryan. I cant wait to start editing the footage. Natalie, the bride, wore a dress that is over 70 years old and has been passed down through the generations. She was stunning!  

Of course both my assistant & I had to sneak some shots. 

Ruff House Doggie Day Camp

Doggies need playtime and socialization too! 

I visited Ruff House Doggie Day Camp in Marlton, NJ this past Wednesday and got to play with and photograph the lovely dogs that join this particular day camp. While intimidating at first, of course with expensive equipment and being that I am smaller than some of the dogs there, it quickly showed that all of the dogs are harmless pleasures to be around. 

Many were so energetic, some sleepy, and others just wanted to be side by side with their best pals...but all were so loving and unique! 

Thank you to the owner for allowing me to spend time with the doggies! There are tons more photos, so more blogs may be posted..

... And not to worry ... there will be people on my blog too :) 


Meeting the Egyptian Sphinxes, Ron & Jeremy..

A friend had recently asked me if she could advertise me as a Pet Photographer through her new dog walking business, Four Paws. Since I usually never say no to opportunity and have had a dear love for animals since I was in my crib, I accepted and quickly gathered pet photographs I have taken in recent days. 

I quickly realized I would have to shoot more! Of course this creates experience and allows for more variety so I asked around to a few friends to allow me to photograph their pets pro-bono. I am so glad I thought of an old friend Tara, who has two Egyptian Sphinx felines! Her generosity for allowing me in her home will not be forgotten. 

This was my first time seeing "naked"  cats in person. 

So yes, I offer Pet Photography Services! You may view some work on my site under the "Pets" tab or on under "Pet Photography." If you need pricing or have questions, please email me at 

The first two photos below are shots of when I was introduced to animals as a baby.  

... And the rest are of the time I spent with Ron & Jeremy.